Vincent Winberg electric traindriver

Well, ever since I was small, we were up at Grafton, you'd see the trains going over the Grafton bridge there. I always thought to myself, well I'd like to be a driver one day.

Lyn Riley-Mundine daughter of a fettler

Out west where I'm from, Dubbo, lots of Aboriginal people live and have worked on the railways, because that's the only area where they could get employment because you didn't have to be skilled. Everybody had in their time ... had to live on a mission or a reserve and you couldn't leave a mission or reserve, unless you had a certificate of exemption. We lived in a tent until I was about 5 years old, and then we moved in with my grandmother, because by that stage, there was mum and dad and 4 kids, and it was a bit much living in a tent at the side of the railway like that. But it wasn't only just us, there were a couple of other Aboriginal families, we all lived together, by the sides of the railway.

Vincent Winberg

I think we'll have more Aboriginal drivers on the railway where they see, like myself now and other chaps, which are already driving the trains. That in years to come young people will come up through the ranks.

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