He Understood

Poem: He Understood Anon (1954) "Eveleigh News" Eveleigh Loco Shop Committee.
Recited by Denis Kevans

A man stood at the pearly gates his face was worn and old
And meekly asked the man of fate admission to the fold
What deed can you account for to gain admission here
Well I worked at Eveleigh Loco until my dying year
The gate swung open sharp as St. Peter touched the bell
Come in here and take a harp you've had enough of hell.

Charlie Dunnett belt repairer and oiler, Eveleigh Loco Workshop

I worked for the railways in the 40s and 50s and 60s. I had catwalks to walk on. Before my time they used to have to sit in the bosun's chair and be put across by the crane, the big crane. And they never stopped, a lot of people wouldn't get up there even. And because the belt would brake and you might ... I copped one one day, the belt broke and it ... it tore the pants off me. I was doing the oiling up, taking the oil up there and oiling all the top bearings and all the line shafts and every row we had to every day go right through it and make sure that everything was running all right.

Poem: Eveleigh Anon (1950) "Eveleigh News" Eveleigh Loco Shop Committee
Recited by John Dengate

We wash in dirty buckets where germs abound galore
We cram our clothes in lockers fifty years of age or more
For years we've fought and struggled for real amenities
But according to the rail heads they're liabilities
Workers needs can't be considered if the boss can improvise
So the rail heads constant year old cry is can't be done no use to try
Confound the men's conditions we must economise

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