Railway paintings by Australian artists

The Convict Railway at Port Arthur

Arthur Streeton

[Detail of 'Fire's on' also known as 'Lapstone Tunnel' 1891]

['The Railway Station, Redfern' 1893]

['Boulonge' 191?]

Gordon Coutts
['Waiting' - 1896]

Tom Roberts

['Evening train to Hawthorn' - 1889]

Weaver Hawkins
['Morning underground' 1922]

Robert Dickerson
[Wynyard Station c 1955]

Russell Drysdale

[The Station Yard 1943]

Jeffrey Smart
['Keswick Siding' - 1946]
['Waiting for the Train' 1970]


['Central Station II' 1975]
Morning Yarragon Siding 1982-1984

['Container Train in the Landscape' 1984]

Peter Kingston

['Morning Star' 2003]

Peter Neilson
['We banged the drum slowly and played the fife lowly (seen from a window on a train heading west)' 2006]

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