Seargent Small

A song by Tex Morton (1938)
Mark Gregory - banjo and vocals.

Riding down from Queensland on a dirty timber train,
We stopped to take on water in the early morning rain,

I saw a hobo coming by he didn't show much fear,
He walked along the line of trucks, saying any room in here.

Then I pulled the cover back saying throw your blankets in,
He dropped his billy and his roll and he socked me on the chin.

I wish that I was fourteen stone and I was six feet tall,
I'd take a special trip up north, to beat up Seargent Small.

He took me to the gaolhouse, he got me in the cells,
I realised then who he was, it was not hard to tell.

I've worked for Jimmy Sharman, and at fighting I'm no dunce,
But let me see the fellow, who can take on five at once.


Originally recorded by Tex Morton and banned shortly after its release in 1938 as it was deemed derogatory to the police.

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