Ridin' On The Fruit Train

When I was young I used to wait down by the railway gates,
And when the fruit train came along I’d jump on with me mates.
The drivers knew our faces, and they’d let us shovel coal,
But the coal would end up on the plate – we’d miss the firebox hole.

Cottonvale, Fleurbaix, Pozieres, Bullecourt and Passchendaele,
Baupaume, Messines and Amiens on the 42 pound rail,
For 12 miles and 25 chains through orchards, scrub and pines,
Ridin’ on the fruit train on the Amiens branch line.

We’d pass the golden orchards, and we’d whistle through the pines.
There used to be six sidings, but now they’ve closed the line.
There’s not a trace of track from Amiens to Cottonvale,
But I remember golden days on the 42 pound rail.

(Words: Penny Davies, Music: Roger Ilott
© 1997 Restless Music) Score to be added

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