The Railway Hotel

When was a young 'un, his cheeks necked with down,
He drew his first pay cheque to head into town.
Then up spoke his father, ‘Son, heed my words well—
Keep clear of the girls at the Railway Hotel’

‘Those harpies will fleece you of all that you own
They're wicked and wanton-with hearts as hard as stone
Believe me young fella, the road straight to Hell
Begins at the door of the Railway Hotel’

‘They'll ply you with whisky, with beer, rum and gin
Then when you're half sozzled they’ll lead you to sin.
They’re skilled at seduction at this they excel
Those, girls who tempt at the Railway Hotel’

‘Gee whiz!’ cried our hero with awe on his face
‘So that’s what goes on in that old wooden place
Our parson has warned me of; women who dwell
In dens of ill fame like the Railway Hotel’

‘It seems I can still hear that old preacher's words
On drinking and gambling, bad language and birds
But where did he gain such vast knowledge, pray tell,
Of girls like the ones at the Railway Hotel?’

Joe caught a fast pony and girthed it up tight,
Then bidding his father a hasty goodnight
He sprang in the saddle and galloped pell-mell
For his destination – the Railway Hotel.


W.G. Howcroft

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