The Paymaster

Recited by John Dengate

Who is the kind and thoughtful gent
That brings twice each month a sweet content
When we are broke or badly bent?
The Paymaster!

Who is it breaks the constant grind,
And gives a moment's piece of mind,
And helps leave trouble far behind?
The Paymaster!

Who is it when we're sad and glum,
And feel completely on the hum,
And pray that he may quickly come?
The Paymaster!

Who is it when he comes in view,
Does with delight all of us imbue.
And carries such a lot of screw,
The Paymaster!

And when St. Peter rules our fates,
And we all reach the Pearly Gates,
We'll find him there with all his mates,
The Paymaster!


Anonymous poem printed in "The Railway and Tramway Officers' Gazette" in 1918

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