The Granville Disaster

The early morning train from Mt. Victoria,
Heading for the city and the grime
But no-one was to know that the train
That ran so slow was riding on the Tracks
For the last time.
Answers come to late.

At 8.00 am the train neared Granville Station
And it never made the town
For the Bold Street bridge crashed down
Who’s guilty when a worn out system fails?

The papers greedily took up the story
For any news is entertainment now
“It’s carnage” screamed the press
“How many dead, or can you guess?”
To the mourners does it really matter?

As they cleared away the bodies and the wreckage,
People started asking how and why
But nobody dared name
The ones who shared the blame.

They knew full well that they’d get no reply.
When the public transport network’s in a shambles
When the system’s fifty years out of date
It was the Government’s neglect
That had that poor train wrecked
For so many now these answers come to late.
Tom Bridges

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