Goolwatown Ride

Words to Goolwatown Ride by Andrea Thomas of Port Elliot Public School South Australia.
Tune of Morning Town Ride by the Seekers

We celebrate Australia's First Public Railway,
Back in 1854 150 years today

Rockin' Rollin', Ridin' from many miles away
Train sent from Goolwa Town, to Port at Horseshoe Bay

Horses pulled the carriages, people and goods on board,
Goolwa town was booming-a perfect river port.

Cargo could now travel in such a shorter time.
Grain and wool and passengers, could all go down the line.

We celebrate our Heritage, it's such a special day
The train sent from Goolwa Port Elliot, Horseshoe Bay


Despite the fact that the steam railway age was well underway in Britain by early 1820’s the South Australian Government decided to build a horse drawn railway at the mouth of the Murray River in 1850

Children from the Port Elliot Public School recalled the event 150 years later in 2005.

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